First Etrian Odyssey 4 screens surface for North America

The first four screens showcasing the North American version of Etrian Odyssey 4: Legends of the Titan have popped up on the good ol' internet. Three of the screens show some character dialogue, with the fourth featuring a menu shot. Apparently, these screens were all designed to provide a close look at a specific aspect of Etrian Odyssey 4: the game's font.

"We knew we wanted to go with a serif font for Etrian Odyssey 4, to complement the game's narration-heavy feel of reading an epic saga," said Project Lead Nich Maragos. "Our choice had to be legible without being too basic, with the right spacing and kerning to look natural inside the existing boxes, while also being thin enough to accommodate the character limits we'd used during the editing process."

It's insane to see this much attention and care put into a game's font. At the same time, however, it's kind of cool that Atlus really cared that much about making Etrian Odyssey 4 a truly special game that it put this much effort into finding the right font.

The development team ultimately decided on Neuton. Seriously, though, I think fans of the series would've played the game if the darn thing would've featured a kindergarten student's printing, though it's probably better that we didn't get that.


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