First DC Universe Online Update Is Live

The first downloadable update for DC Universe Online is now available on both the PlayStation 3 and PC for free, and it adds a wealth of new features to the game. February’s character of the month is the feisty Catwoman, who stars in a brand new mission. It’s your job to team up with a group of friends and chase the agile cat burglar through Gotham, taking on five brand new bosses in the process. This update also makes Catwoman playable in Legends PvP mode.

The update packs in some seasonal content for the game, too. Known as “Love Is a Battlefield”, this chapter grants players access to all manner of Valentine’s Day-themed objectives and items. You can take on the Goddess of Love in a four-player boss fight, battle old bosses again to fulfill special objectives in “Be Mine” mode, or shower your friends with in-game gifts like chocolate, rings, and other material goods that will make them fall insanely in love with you (or at least have your back more often during those tricky boss battles).

In addition to these two new sets, the update allows a team of two players to take on the massive Bane, race each other, and crack some new missions. If you’re looking to squeeze even more life out of DC’s all-new MMO, be sure to download the latest update.