Firewatch now has an objective-free roaming mode

If you can't go hiking for real, Firewatch has an alternative

For many of us, our time in Firewatch's world came to an end as soon as the credits rolled. Frankly, you could see pretty much everything there is to see in a single playthrough, but it was undoubtedly a beautiful and peaceful place to explore. If you fell in love with Firewatch's game world, Campo Santo has a little something for you that is likely to draw you back in.

The developers have just released an all-new free-roam mode that lets you wander through the game's environment without interruption. The mode also features a dynamic 24-hour day and night cycle so you can explore the miles of trail at anytime you see fit.

Objective-less gameplay is not something for everyone, but it does provide an opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the game in their own way completely. It's nothing revolutionary, but it is a nice touch from Campo Santo. We enjoyed Firewatch when we reviewed it earlier this year, noting that the journey was one we weren't soon going to forget.

Source: [Campo Santo]