Firefall’s Fifth Battleframe Revealed, Meet the Dreadnaught

Red 5 Studios has just revealed the fifth Battleframe in their upcoming MMO shooter Firefall.

The newest Battleframe from Omnidyne Industries, the Dreadnaught was designed as a evolution of the Assault Battleframe.  As you'll see in the newly released Dreadnaught trailer below, the Dreadnaught is for heavy weapons specialists, or a fancier way to say people who love big ass weapons and love blowing sh*t up.

It looks like the Dreadnaught will wield a mini-gun type weapon along with an alt-fire activated energy shield.   In addition to these basic items, the Dreadnaught can expand it's battleground functionality with ability modules.

These extra abity modules include:

Heavy Armor – Hardens Dreadnaught armor reducing damage from incoming enemy fire and giving tank-like damage absorption

Dread Field – Creates a 6 meter energy field around the unit.  Steals energy from enemy units within the field and returns it back to the Dreadnaught causing enhanced damage output.

Turret Mode – Provides a large boost in damage output.  Locks Dreadnaught in place, providing increased accuracy and rate of fire. There are some limitiations to the stationary field of view and vulnerability when entering and exiting lockdown mode.

To compensate for this, the Dreadnaught has two additional ability modules to provide momentary support.

Repulsor Blast – Charged knockback ability causing blast damage to all targets.

Thunder Dome – Creates a force field bubble over current position preventing all incoming damage for a few seconds.

Overall, it seems as if the Dreadnaught is for those who are able to soak-up damage or output a butt-load of damage.  Big weapons, big armor, and big explosions seems to be the theme for the Dreadnaught Battleframe.

Check out the official trailer showcasing Dreadnaught gameplay below.

What are your thoughts on the new Dreadnaught Battleframe?