Firefall live beta stream coming soon, says CEO

Last week, Red 5 Studios CEO Mark Kern promised fans that they would live-stream one of their beta tests for Firefall if they reached the top 5 in the IGN Voodoo top anticipated games survey.  Thanks to the fans, they accomplished that goal.  Firefall placed 5th with 1,757 votes trailing games like Mechwarrior Online, Diablo 3, DOTA 2, and Guild Wars 2 (the most anticipated game).

Mark Kern updated fans today about the live-stream.

"Live beta stream will be coming," he reassured fans.  Kern is currently at CES and told fans they would start planning when they get back next week.

Firefall is currently in a closed beta under NDA, so the only legal information available to fans are what Red 5 releases.

If you haven't heard of Firefall, be sure to check out my preview from PAX Prime 2011.