Fire Pro Wrestling Released for GBA

– bam!
entertainment today announced that Fire Pro Wrestling has body slammed its way
onto the Game Boy Advance.”>





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entertainment Brings Hardcore Wrestling to the Game Boy Advance


Pro Wrestling provides extensive play modes, match types and grappling styles


Jose, Calif. (June 11, 2001)
– bam! entertainment today announced that
Fire Pro Wrestling has body slammed its way onto the Game Boy Advance. The
title features rich gameplay and an extremely detailed create-a-wrestler
option. Wrestling fans can connect up to four Game Boy Advances and take on,
team up, or trade wrestlers with their friends and fellow Fire Fighters! Fire
Pro Wrestling for the Game Boy Advance is now available for an estimated
street price of $39.99.


can create their favorite wrestler choosing from more than 157 unique
wrestlers, divided into 16 organizations representing different fighting
styles from around the globejujitsu, kickboxing, luchadore and more. They
also can unlock 43 hidden wrestlers by competing in Audience matches, and
create up to 73 additional wrestlers and five more organizations.


Pro Wrestling offers more than 1,200 different techniques so wrestling fans
can build the ultimate warrior! The character editor includes hundreds of face
models, an extensive color palette and the ability to select individual
techniques. Gamers can design a wrestler’s costume and create their own
wrestling federation. Players can then ally their created character with any
of the included factions, or use one of the provided logos to create their own


wrestling fans have customized their wrestlers they can battle against the
computer or hit the mat with up to three friends in a titanic Battle Audience
Match. Play modes include single-elimination, leagues, survival matches, tag
team contests, death matches and the infamous Deathmatch, where players can
take on a competitor in an electrified steel cage that’s about to explode!
Wrestlers can perform standard holds, behind the back moves, ground attacks,
submissions, running techniques, counter and high-risk turnbuckle leaps.
Different rules apply at different venues, which can range from endurance
matches against dozen of opponents, four-man free-for-alls to no-holds barred
fights, where a referee serves only to determine unconsciousness or a tap-out.


Pro Wrestling for the Game Boy Advance was developed by Spike.


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