Fire Emblem Fates is the series’ fastest selling US release

A good series finally sells well

Despite its localization woes, Fire Emblem Fates is a great game that is currently destroying Fire Emblem Awakening's claim to the throne of fastest selling Fire Emblem game in the West, or the world for that matter. Over the course of its release weekend in the US, Fates sold over 300,000 units according to Nintendo.


You may be thinking the only reason Fire Emblem Fates is selling so much better is because it has two games to sell you as opposed to Awakening's single version. You'd also be wrong: Fire Emblem Fates sold over five times more than Awakening, so even if the rate of double dipping were 100%, it still outsold Awakening by a huge margin.


This new found success couldn't have come to a more deserving or enduring series. Be sure to check out our review of Fire Emblem Fates and other articles to get your Fire Emblem fix.