Fire Emblem: Fates collectibles grace Nintendo Badge Arcade


There's money to be made off Nintendo Badge Arcade's innocence, as today's update will demonstrate. If your norm is to bypass the payment option and stick only to free chances awarded through the Practice Catcher, this will be the day where your discipline evaporates.

Eight new Badge Catchers have arrived in Nintendo Badge Arcade to commemorate the two Fire Emblem: Fates games, which release tomorrow. The collectible 3DS Home Menu badges showcase the wealth of characters from the Hoshido and Nhor Kingdoms, including newcomer Corrin who was added to the Super Smash Bros. roster as DLC.

Nintendo smartly made sure to do a Free Play Giveaway today, knowing full well that Fire Emblem fans won't resist collecting them all in one sitting. Should your beloved allies fall in battle, now you can dedicate a memorial page to them on your 3DS. Their sacrifices will never be forgotten.