Fire Emblem Coliseum confirmed as Super Smash Bros. Wii U stage

With series icons Ike and Marth returning to the Super Smash Bros. scene in the next installment, it only makes sense for Fire Emblem to get its own arena, right?

Director Masahiro Sakurai dropped the news himself, posting two pictures of the stage earlier today. He also added that “there’s machinery in the background that activates variable platforms.”

Nintendo also recently announced that Super Smash Bros. Wii U will make use of the company’s NFC (near-field communication) tech, adding compatible figurines to the smashing experience.

The intricacy of the arena’s background art demonstrates just how far the Smash series has come since Brawl’s release on Wii. And with Nintendo’s E3 show now just days away, we can expect to see plenty of smashing on center stage, ideally with a look at the 3DS version thrown in. You know, for novelty’s sake.

[via Destructoid]