Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition lacks a Season Pass, gives Square Enix PR a black eye

Somebody get Square Enix a dictionary

If you're going to charge $270 (Plus tax!) for a version of your upcoming game, and have the gall to call it the “Ultimate Collector's Edition,” then you should probably make sure it comes with everything the lesser “Premium Digital Edition” is offering. That's a lesson Square Enix is learning the hard way as the media has picked up on lack of a Season Pass in the “Ultimate” edition of the game.

Just look at the responses following that tweet: The already agitated fanbase is becoming toxic. This does not look good for Square Enix, a company that's still trying to fix its image after the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy and the disastrous release of vanilla Final Fantasy XIV. One has to wonder if they'll eventually cave and offer season passes to fans that splurged on the “Ultimate” Collector's Edition. It would certainly be the smart decision, but Square Enix has made very few of those in the last decade.

How do you feel about the Final Fantasy XV “Ultimate” Collector's Edition? Do you think Square Enix will cave, offering a Season Pass, or are their most loyal fans just shit out of luck?