Final Fantasy XV runs worse on PS4 Pro compared to the regular PS4 version


The PlayStation 4 Pro has been getting hit with controversies throughout all of 2016. Developers didn't really like the idea at first, Sony held a weird press conference that failed to really sell many people on the idea, and tons of games actually run worse than the standard PS4 versions.

Since its release just a couple weeks ago, people have been reporting issues with games like Skyrim and The Last of Us, now we can add another game to that list. Although it hasn't officially released yet, people are already reporting issues with Final Fantasy XV on PS4 Pro. A handful of people have gotten their hands on early copies of the game and have already posted impressions and videos online. This latest video indicates that the game running on a Pro is nowhere near as smooth as the standard PS4 version. The game looks to stutter a lot as the player slowly turns the camera around the main character and one can only imagine how jarring this must look in combat.

The day one patch has already been released for FFXV, so this issue probably won't be fixed until post-launch which is concerning. It seems that many developers are still adjusting to the PS4 Pro ecosystem and may be rushing to make sure their game is "PS4 Pro ready" at launch. Hopefully this issue becomes less and less common as more developers understand the system more.