Final Fantasy XIV on the PS3 100 Percent Complete

In a recent interview with the Japanese video game magazine Famitsu (via Andriasang), Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Nobuaki Komoto provided a few new details about the upcoming port for their MMORPG for the PlayStation 3, due out in March 2011.

Although the PS3 port is 100 percent complete, the team is currently optimizing the game’s performance to ensure that the game runs smoothly. When asked if there were any differences between the two versions, other than texture tweaks, there wasn’t anything of significanceto note other than how Square has attempted to squeeze as many resources as they could into the PS3’s limited memory.

“PC players who play the PS3 version won’t feel anything out of place,” said Tanaka.

Just like Final Fantasy XI, PS3 and PC users will share the same servers, although Square is open to adding more worlds to the game if the player size increases. Currently, there is no definitive release date for the PS3 port, as the team is currently trying to optimize the game so that it will be up to par with the PC version.

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