Final Fantasy XIV getting amazing patch on December 17th

While Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was an amazing follow up to the overly broken Final Fantasy XIV, it was still missing some very important key components. PVP was nowhere to be found, and fans had to play the game knowing that one day they'll get to own their own house with the words 'Coming Soon'. That day is coming close!

On December 17th, Square Enix will rollout a massive patch that will add a ton more content to the already beefy MMORPG.

For starters, the main scenario will finally advance with A Realm Awoken as well as a side story called Hildibrand Returns where you get to team up with the detective and unravel the mystery of Dalamud.

The patch will also see implementation of the Crystal Tower, which originally made its appearance in Final Fantasy III. This tower of challenges will house some terrifying bosses like King Behemoth, Thanatos and Acheron.

Housing will finally be available, and will allow players to build plots of land in either of the three Grand Company locations. The best feature is that the houses are completely customizable, making your very own estate unique to others. Members of your Free Company can also share this estate with you, making it an amazing base of operations.

Make sure to check out the above video for all the details.