Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Will No Longer Be Time-Restricted

Play to level 35 with no restrictions in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV once had a free trial that had a 14-day time restriction (Ah, I see what you did there Square-Enix. 14 days. Clever). But now, that time limit has been lifted.

Now, free trial players can play all content up to level 35 without paying. This allows a more complete trial of the game, as sometimes life just happens. This time restriction has been lifted for all free trial accounts and even expired accounts have been brought back, allowing previous free-trial players to come back to their previous accounts, even if they're years old.

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial Will No Longer Be Time-Restricted

From the PlayStation blog:

"Perhaps you played the free trial three years ago and didn’t have the time to try out everything you wanted, well now’s the time to return! Polish your skills in the Hall of the Novice and learn how all of the different roles work. Take your time, sit on the pier admiring the sunset at Costa del Sol whilst levelling up your fisher. Got an ache for new shiny weapons? Try out blacksmithing! If you want to truly test your skills, you could face the hardest battle on the free trial and overcome Titan, the Lord of Crags, himself!"

Even though this release is from PlayStation, the free trial applied to PC as well. To access this free trial for PlayStation, visit the link here.