Final Fantasy XIII-2 Too Complex for Japanese Gamers


Final Fantasy XIII was widely criticized by gamers for being far too linear, with many of the game's dungeon areas consisting of little more than a winding hallway leading towards a boss battle. Series developer Square Enix seems to have taken these criticisms seriously, though may have gone a little too far, with Japanese gamers already complaining that the game's sequel now features mind-boggingly complex levels.

Japanese culture blog Sankaku Complex (NSFW!) has provided some pictures of the game's winding maps, showing off some of the more ridiculous maze-like environments.

Some fan comments have also been translated, presumably from Japanese BBS

  • “I hope you guys are happy – after you complained about it being non-linear it is now a total bitch to navigate.”
  • “It’s more complex than I expected.”
  • “They’ve just piled in pointless forks so much it’ll be a total hassle. Damn idiots moaning about linearity.”

American gamers will have to wait to explore these new maps in February. Will you be one of them?