Final Fantasy XIII-2 to Include “Easy Mode”

Final Fantasy games are well known for their often brutal difficulty, with players encouraged to save often lest they lose hours of progress to a particularly devestating boss. Thankfully, the wimps among us will now have access to a new "easy mode" in Final Fantasy XII-2, as reported by Japanese magazine Dengeki Playstation.

Easy Mode was first featured in the Japan-only release of Final Fantasy XIII International Edition Ultimate Hits, and proved a hit with casual gamers who loved the pretty characters of Final Fantasy but hated all that annoying gameplay. This release also included the English dialogue track, which seems like a subtle jab at us American gamers. As if Square was saying "Look it's the American version of Final Fantasy XIII! We made it easier for them because they are stupid and weak!"

Thanks a lot Japan. We may not have the skills of your RPG masters, but let's see how glorious Nippon fares in a round of Modern Warfare 3. Bring it on!