Final Fantasy V Now on PlayStation Network

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SquareEnix has just made Final Fantasy fans very happy. Final Fantasy V is available today on PSN for $9.99. Sure it's one of the more expensive games out there, but let's not forget that this was the Final Fantasy that expanded the job system, it is also the second game to use the ATB (Active Time Battle) system.

Originally released in Japan in 1992, FINAL FANTASY V would not be published in North America until 1999 as part of the FINAL FANTASY ANTHOLOGY on the PlayStation®. Now the hugely popular and critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY V returns, allowing players to indulge in a true gaming classic at home and on the move.

For newer Final Fantasy players, this is a great chance to jump into a FF classic that definitely deserves to be experienced, though players that already plowed through the fifth installment, should no doubt replay this masterpiece again!

If you're not yet convinced…do yourself a favor and watch the game's intro, and just soak it in