Final Fantasy Tactics creator splits from Professor Layton dev

Yasumi Matsuno — who worked on Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy XII for Square (and Square Enix) before joining Level-5 — is leaving the Professor Layton developer.

Matsuno returned to Square Enix to advise on the PSP remake of Tactics Ogre, but he only created Crimson Shroud for Level-5. It's one of four games compiled in Guild01, which has yet to release for 3DS in North America.

The designer recently tweeted, "I'd like to formally announce my departure from Level-5, effective last month. With my work done on the domestic and overseas version of my latest 3DSWare game, it was good timing for me to step down and take a short break in order to recharge for my next project. My deepest thanks to everyone at Level-5 and everyone playing our games for your continued support."

His new plans are "a secret," he told a follower on Twitter.

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