Final Fantasy Producer Talks VII Sequel

It seems not more than a week after it was first released, Final Fantasy VII fanatics were crying out for a remake of their favorite game. Recently, Square Enix announced an HD version of Final Fantasy X would be coming to the Playstation 3, giving hope to longtime rumors that Square does plan to remake the most loved chapter in their longstanding RPG franchise. Though in a recent interview with Official Xbox Magazine, Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke at length about the challenges of such a remake, and stressed that the game would likely need to have many elements stripped out to be a feasible project.

"Graphically (the Final Fantasy games) weren't as advanced as they are now, but there were lots of towns and worlds and cities and whatever. So if we were to recreate the same kind of game – sequel or not – with the same volume, but give it a much higher level of graphical quality, it would us take three times, four times, even ten times longer to make such a game. So making a sequel for an old game would be a lot more challenging."

When asked specifically if the transition from 2D backgrounds to 3D environments was the main issue, he agreed that it was a major element. "We know that the hundreds of fans would like to see a hi-def version of Final Fantasy VII. But if we were to achieve the modern graphical quality at the same time putting in exactly the same world and everything, I think it would take ten times longer as compared to the time we took to produce XIII, for example. So if we were to pursue the same graphical quality, somehow we would have to make adjustments about game volume in the world, we'd have to cut down certain areas."

Most importantly though, Kitase stressed that he would never attempt a simple shot-by-shot remake, something he views as pointless. "If I may speak as a game creator, if we were to produce a remake of VII, for example, I would be really tempted to delete things and add new elements, new systems or whatever because if we were to make exactly the same thing now, it'd be like a repeat. It'd be an issue of repetition and not as much fun to make such a game. So I'd be really interested in rearranging games or reshaping games into something slightly different even though it's supposed to be the same game. "

So there you go, our chance at a Final Fantasy VII remake dwindles. Frankly, we'd just be happy to get the original game with HD backgrounds and actual hands on the character models. What do you think?