Final Fantasy 3 coming to Steam with all the perks

As a monsterous fan of the classic RPGs and games with killer job systems, I’ve never played Final Fantasy III. I know, toss the tomatoes at me now people – keep in mind, this is Japanese III and not US III which was actually FFVI (my favorite game of all time). So yea, when I read that FFIII was coming to Steam, I’m be honest, I got a lot-of-bit excited. Is this a day one purchase for me? Yuuuuup.

This game was first released in Japan back in 1990. On top of that, this FF was the first of the franchise to sell over million copies. Dare I say it was the FF game that made that rooted the series for all of time? Remade for the DS, THIS port is the one coming to Steam. Optimized for the PC, this new version will have improved 3D visuals and story sequences.


Steam would never let you down, we got your expected achievements and Steam Trading Cards attached. As a nostalgic Final Fantasy game, you can expect elemental crystals that can alter all of destiny itself. Do you have what it takes to fulfill the Gulgan prophecy? Sadly we don’t have a release date or price, but I’d imagine that knowledge will be known soon. Here’ hoping!