Final Fantasy 15’s update doesn’t bring PS4 Pro version to 60FPS

Unless you point the camera at the floor.

Final Fantasy XV was hit with an update today (bringing the game to version 1.05) that brought an upgrade to the PlayStation 4 Pro's compatibility with the game. The update was meant to bring a stable framerate for the PS4 Pro's 'Lite Mode,' with a maximum option of 60 FPS in the Lite Mode.

Unfortunately, even after the update, Final Fantasy 15 doesn't hit 60FPS in Lite Mode… Instead, it jumps around and hovers at about an average of 45FPS without a locked 30FPS option. The High Mode, however, hasn't seen an update and is still suffering from some frame pacing issues. That means that gameplay in the Lite Mode no longers offers the same smooth gameplay, at least according to Digital Foundry in their latest analysis of the game. 

Of course, if you don't mind unlocked framerate… then there's no issue here. 

There is one interesting thing about the update… If you point the camera at the floor 60FPS is attainable. Digital Foundry goes on to say that the Xbox One is offering a better gameplay experience because the frames are more stable on that platform.