Final Fantasy 13-2’s First DLC

The first downloadable content for Final Fantasy 13-2 will be a bow for the character Serah.  This bow goes by the name Azrael.  This weapon can transform into a melee version for when foes get close to Serah.

Azrael was created though the joint efforts of Square Enix and Microsoft.  Therefore this DLC will be for the Xbox 360 only.  The cost will be 80 MS Points and it will be available to buy February 7th – only four days after the game’s release.

The official statement on Azrael:

This weapon is named after an angel who represents spirits and death. It is believed to possess the power to change the owner's destiny, and your Chain Bonus is upgraded when equipped. Serah alone has the ability to wield this legendary weapon. The player can obtain this weapon from Chocolina merchants, from Episode 2 onwards in the main game for 80 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live Marketplace for Xbox 360. Only Serah has the ability to wield this legendary weapon.