Fighting Force and Fear Effect Series Rated by PEGI for PS3

Fighting Force was never a particularly good game. I think we can all agree with that assessment. Admittedly, it did offer a small amount of dumb fun, but it was a pretty lame title overall. The fact that it was originally meant to be Streets of Rage 4 is really the only cool thing Fighting Force has going for it.

In any case, the game has been available on the PlayStation Network here in North America for some time now, and according to the European rating board, we're in store for its horrid sequel. The PEGI has rated both Fighting Force and Fighting Force 2 for Europe. Because we already have the first game here in North America, all signs point to the sequel rearing its ugly head on our side of the world somewhere along the line.

It's not all really bad poop, though, because the PEGI has also rated Fear Effect and Fear Effect 2. Unlike Fighting Force, the Fear Effect series was actually pretty cool. So if you were a fan of those games and are looking to rekindle that spark with them, it's likely that we'll get an ESRB rating for them down the road.

I find myself kind of wanting to play Fighting Force. That said, I don't want to pay money for that game. So I guess that settles it. I'll buy something worthwhile instead.

Also, if we never get Fighting Force 2 here in North America, I won't complain about how other territories get all the cool stuff for this particular game.