Fighter Within trailer shows off Xbox One gameplay

There's no doubt Fighter Within looks fantastic. Ubisoft today released a brand new gameplay trailer for the anticipated fighter. But while we get a nice look at the fluidity and smoothness of the fighting and movements, I'm still questioning the game's use of the Kinect peripheral.

Ubisoft previously promised "impressive movement tracking" that will lead to varied attack moves as you compete against friends in a "climactic fighting experience."

The trailer certainly shows off a variety of attack moves, but I'm wondering just what you'll need to do to pull them off. Will they be simple gestures that the Kinect picks up? Or will you really need to roundhouse kick someone in the face? More importantly, will the Kinect accurately track your movements in a timely manner?

Fighter Within is said to deliver on the "long awaited motion fighting promise." Let's hope that the Kinect doesn't hold this baby back.