Fight the flood in Creeper World 4 starting next month

Don't get your feet wet

PC gamers can look forward to the next evolution of one of the most unique real-time strategy games ever. Indie developer Knuckle Crackers revealed that Creeper World 4 launches on December 3rd on PC via Steam. Enjoy the launch trailer below!

The PC platform is arguably a viable place for all kinds of games. But by nature, the mouse and keyboard combo lend itself to be the best or in most cases only place for strategy games.

Creeper World 4 continues the iconic and well received Creeper World RTS franchise, expanding into a new dimension of strategic possibilities and threats. The galaxy once again finds itself culled and utterly in ruins. Guide a scientist and cohorts through the ultimate test of survival and restore hope to the galaxy… one world at a time.

With decades of great strategy gaming, many niche sub-genres also were created on the PC. One example of said niche games is the Creeper World series. Soon, the fourth entry of the highly-acclaimed RTS franchise will be available.

A brilliant art-style and addictive gameplay mechanic keeping ‘the flood’ at bay helped the series stand out. With Creeper World 4, the franchise enters a whole new dimension, quite literally.

It’s the first foray into real 3D and the jump opens up a whole new layer of depth both visually and mechanically. Since developer Knuckle Cracker already proved to be masters of the RTS genre, expectations are high.

Therefore, we foresee Creeper World 4 to quickly become one of the best PC strategy exclusives. Just like its predecessors. The indie development scene is getting very exciting these days. More and more established studios make the jump to full 3D. Prior examples like Risk of Rain 2 show that even small studios can create outstanding 3D indies. The days of the pixel art stigma for indie games is quickly changing.

Creeper World 4 launches December 4th on PC via Steam. A free demo is already available on the store page for you to try.