Fifth Phase of Beta Testing Underway for Shattered Galaxy!




Phase of Beta Testing Underway for Shattered Galaxy!


CA — June 13, 2001) Shattered Galaxy has begun the fifth phase of beta
testing. With that huge step forward, the following changes in style and
substance have been implemented:


A new optimized client for enhanced PC performance while engaged in battle. —
The introduction of a brand new star system, with various planet types, for
exploration and conquest. — New volcanic, fiery planets with over 35 new
strategic battlefields. — New background music to enhance the intense,
competitive atmosphere in the game. — New group features for friends and
teammates to form new communities in the new star system. — Over a dozen new
playable alien types. The new aliens will grow and evolve according your
hero’s advancement. Alien masters can even expect to control never before seen
alien types. — Over 100 rare items available that give units special
abilities and powers previously unavailable. — Dozens of other improvements,
changes and bug fixes!


by Nexon, Shattered Galaxy is an award-winning action-oriented massively
multiplayer online real-time strategy game (MMORTS) of unparalleled
sophistication, scale and depth. Spanning across planets, by the might of
machines, battles last minutes, while wars span months. Shattered Galaxy is
not only popular with the critics, but with gamers as well. See what the
excitement is all about! Visit
to download and play the latest beta version for free.


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