FIFA 17 gets free weekend on PS4 and Xbox One starting today

Play one of the best sports games of 2017 for free!

Starting today, PS4 and Xbox One players can begin playing FIFA 17 for free! This free trial will last until November 27th and will let players try all of the features in the game before deciding if they want to buy the game during the Black Friday sale! While the trial gives you access to the full game, there are some limitations.

Players will only be able to play some of the game's campaign mode, The Journey, rather than being able to play all the way through. If players choose to purchase the game, all of their progress will carry over including saves, stats, and unlocks.

We reviewed FIFA 17 when it released earlier this year and said it's "the best FIFA game in years". We highly recommend you check out this free trial while you have the chance and take advantage of some of the great Black Friday deals to get it for cheap!