FIFA 14 Review Round-up

As most soccer fans are aware, FIFA 14 releases today in North America (September 27th worldwide). As is the case with most major sports franchises that release annually, the big question is whether there's enough change in the game to warrant $60. Does FIFA 14 show the same type of innovation as its predecessors or is it merely a roster update? While our review will be going live later today, we've collected scores from around the web. Check out what other sites are scoring FIFA 14.

IGN – 9/10

"PES presents a credible alternative in terms of gameplay – FIFA can’t replicate it’s artful passing style – but when it comes to exciting gameplay, impeccable presentation, and a generous year-long experience, FIFA is still in a league of its own."

Videogamer – 9/10

"Any worries I had about this year's FIFA are but a memory. 14 is very good. It feels different, and while it may not necessarily be superior, it easily matches its predecessor's quality."

Joystiq – 4/5

"FIFA 13 took larger strides than this year's offering, but even with only minor improvements and changes, FIFA 14 remains an excellent soccer sim."

Polygon – 8/10

"FIFA 14 does a terrific job of differentiating levels of soccer competition around the world, which is rare."

CVG – 9/10

"FIFA 14 returns as the same ludicrously comprehensive sports game it's ever been, where any one mode could easily see you through to next season and beyond."

Eurogamer – 8/10

"You could argue that FIFA 14 shows EA Sports is running out of ideas, then, but for me this is a developer that knows exactly what it's doing."