Field of Glory Goes Digital

June 26, 2009

Field of Glory Goes Digital

Award winning series of wargames
rules become a videogame

Last year saw the arrival of the
hugely anticipated Field of Glory set of wargames rules. Now translated into all
major European languages, the rules have appeared on the shelves of bookstores
across the world. To date sales have exceeded 200.000 copies and FOG releases
comprise 9 additional Companion Books, with 4 more in production to complete
this popular series.

Fans worldwide have praised the
quality and realism of this production which is created by Wargames specialists
Slitherine and distributed by military history book specialists Osprey
Publishing. Over 50,000 posts on the FOG forums and an ever growing community of
fans have built on the success of the original system and now Forum members are
contributing towards FOG’s expansion into the Renaissance and Napoleonic eras.

The Field of Glory brand has become
so popular within the wargaming community, that the brand is now supporting a
range of wargaming products such as specially designed FOG terrain from
manufacturers Miniature Worldmaker.

Slitherine is therefore proud to
announce the Field of Glory videogame, specially created with figure gaming fans
in mind. This is the latest production coming from the Kameleon Project talent
incubator. The Field of Glory strategy game is made by wargamers specifically
for wargaming fans.

Developed by UK Developer Hexwar,
the games is turn based and set during the Rise of Rome, from Zama in North
Africa to the battles of Boudicca’s revolt in Britain.

The game’s main features are:

  • Gameplay that allows key decisions
    to decide the results of historical battles

  • Detailed and accurate depiction of
    ancient warfare

  • 12 historical battles with
    hundreds of units to control

  • Play as Rome, Carthage, Gaul,
    Germanic Tribes and the Spartacus Slave Revolt and even the Roman civil war

  • Single and 2 player head to head

  • Comprehensive scenario builder

Later releases will include
additional battle packs and an army designer where players will be able to
choose their favorite armies and match their skills against opponents of their
choice, on an almost infinite selection of battle fields.