FFXV Director Says Xbox One X Is Highly Attractive and Wonderful; Frame Rate Will Be Over 30FPS

Looks like the Xbox One X version will be worth the wait.

Hajime Tabata has been talking a lot about what's next for Final Fantasy XV lately. Recently, he talked about how developing the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV is 100 times easier than the console version. Today, we learned about his opinion of the Xbox One X and development plans for Final Fantasy XV on the new console.

Speaking to MCVUK, Tabata had great things to say about the hardware:

"Personally, I don’t feel that we have reached the limit [on consoles]. The Xbox One X is a highly attractive console for developers. I feel like I have always been waiting for a powerful Xbox like this."

It's been stated that the game will use a checkboard rendering system to segment load times on the Xbox One. Now, Tabata has stated that the game will run at a frame rate "of over 30fps as well."

The Windows Edition of the game will also come with an exclusive first-person mode to take advantage of the 4K/8K capabilities. Which version of the game are you considering, if you're in the market for a definitive version of Final Fantasy XV?