Fez soundtrack launches April 20

As some of you fine folks may be aware, Fez will be launching this Friday, April 13. The game was repeatedly delayed by developer Polytron and creator Phil Fish, but it looks like the launch is finally a reality.

If you're planning on buying Fez, why not check out the official soundtrack, too? The full digital album drops on April 20, but you can pre-order it now on Bandcamp for just $4.99. You can, of course, pay a few more coins if you're up for it.

I'm listening to the sample tracks as I write this post, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed. The sound is hard to describe, really. All I can say is that it has a pleasing, melodic indie sound to it. In other words, it's great so far.

Personally, I really dug the tracks "Compass" and "Home." Good stuff! I seriously can't wait to play Fez. Hell, I bought an Xbox 360 just so I could play this game! Watch out for it, and watch out for this already stellar soundtrack, which is already number one on Bandcamp.

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