Feenix reveals the Aria — a sleek, luxurious headsets for audiophiles and gamers

Feenix makes luxurious and sleek PC gaming peripherals that look more like they come out of a boutique than a factory. They feature a rich design, focusing on build quality, better parts and design over superfluous features. I've reviewed the Feenix 2014 Nascita gaming mouse and was nothing if not impressed.

Today, Feenix unveiled the Aria, a headset that delivers an audiophile level of sound quality to gamers. Like all other Feenix products, it has a rich design to it. The Aria's acoustic chamber is made entirely of Japanese Pine Wood, and the Feenix logo is engraved on the wood. It features 40mm full range neodymium magnet drivers. The Aria is assembled by hand and undergoes extensive stress tests. Like I said, Feenix stresses quality and luxury, and the Aria falls in line with those two attributes.

The Aria uses and independent cardioid clip microphone (better for picking up voice and ignoring other sounds because of the pattern it uses to pick up sound) for unidirectional voice recording. Since it's studio-grade, you can use the Aria as more than just a gaming headset — it can be your every day headphone. You can also attach the mic to your keyboard wires, monitor, you name it. 

Feenix creative director Ashkon Shayani said in a statement, "For years gamers have been misled as to what they should be looking for in a gaming headset. Their choices have had nothing but poor sound quality, gimmicky features, and unnaturally over pronounced bass. The Aria focuses on providing high grade audio and reproducing sounds perfectly in studio monitor fashion. The result is the ability to hear sounds you never knew existed." 

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these bad boys. I can only imagine how an audio-intense game will sound through them, or a band like Rush. They're available for pre-order at FeenixCollection.com at the cost of $349. There's no release date announced yet.

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