Features for Xbox One August update allegedly leaked

Hot off the heels of just releasing July's Xbox One update, it appears Microsoft is hard at work on the next one already. Although no announcement or preview has officially been made by Major Nelson or anyone else at Microsoft, an image sent to Windows Phone Central appears to have leaked some of the features allegedly included in August's update.

Three features are shown in the image, though it looks like some may have been cut off at the top. Here are some of the highlights:

Purchase from Xbox.com or SmartGlass, download while you're away

"Your Xbox One Home console will now wake up to download and install new games and apps you purchase on Xbox.com or SmartGlass. You just need to make sure your console is set to Instant-on, and Automaticallyd ownload updates for the magic to happen."

Low Battery Notification

"By popular demand, you'll now receive a notification on-screen when your controller's batteries are running low."

Vibration when holding the Xbox button

"Never quite sure whether you held the Xbox button long enough to action on a notifcation, or bring up the power center? Now you'll know with a subtle vibration."

Again, none of this has been confirmed, but what do you think about the features if true?

Xbox One August update