Feast your eyes on this exclusive Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme DLC concept art and screenshots

Coffee Stain Studios' second DLC for Sanctum 2, titled Ruins of Brightholme, releases tomorrow on PC through Steam. Taking place in The Slums, the DLC features improvised weapons that are tool-inspired, like the Nail Gun and Circle Saw; bigger, badder interactive levels; tow new defense towers; new, challenging enemies; more perks; and a cap level increase by five.

The full descriptions of the features are:

  • Improvised Weapons – Take apart enemies invading the Slums with two “tool-inspired” weapons: Nail Gun and Circle Saw. The Nail Gun fires highly damaging industrial nails while the Circle Saw delivers deadly decapitating melee attacks.  Secondary attacks of these weapons are uber cool.
  • Bigger, Badder Interactive Levels – The popular interactive map elements of the first expansion pack gets bigger in Ruins of Brightholme. Four new playable maps will feature trigger events such as explosive traps and rising toxic liquid areas challenging players to adapt their tower defense designs around these elements.
  • Two Additional Defense Towers – Rupture Mines continue to damage enemies based on the speed and distance they travel while the unusually random Makeshift Tower can fire with critical damage or shutdown at any time.
  • Challenging Enemies – The Jumper will cause players headaches by clearing walls and towers with a single bound.  Infected Explorers – mutated human beings – shamble recklessly toward players with insane regenerative abilities and powerful melee attacks.      
  • Powerful Perks – Now customize your character with seven perks that include kill streaks that increase damage, faster movement and greater damage at full health, and even the “Thor Module” perk that enables towers to emit a shockwave each time it kills an enemy.
  • Rank Cap Level – Increased by 5.

Coffee Stain Studios has shared some concept art and renderings for Ruins of Brightholme with us, so you can get a feel and sense for the grittier direction they went. You'll be able to get the DLC tomorrow for $4.99 on Steam. 

Check back for what we think of the Ruins of Brightholme DLC.

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