Favorite Office Antics from Dilberts Cubicle Chaos Now Available on Mobile Phones

March 18, 2008

Favorite Office Antics from Dilbert’s Cubicle
Chaos Now Available on Mobile Phones

Namco Networks brings fun, Dilbert-inspired
game play, downloadable comics, and sweepstakes on AT&T to consumers nationwide

Namco Networks today announced the availability
of its much anticipated mobile game, Dilbert Cubicle Chaos. Another original
game through its partnership with United Media, a leading independent licensing
and syndication company which licenses Dilbert, Namco Networks continues to
bring popular brands to consumers for the mobile platform. Dilbert Cubicle Chaos
contains rich features such as downloadable Dilbert comic strips* and bonus game

In the game, players take charge of Dilbert’s
dysfunctional office environment as the pointy-haired Boss, showing off a
propensity to (mis)manage resources and creating the illusion of productivity by
delegating busy work to employees. As the Boss, players must race against the
clock to shred a specified number of projects as they are completed to keep
their staff humble. Players can also enjoy applying stimulating management
tools, such as ‘friendly’ shocks from a cattle prod to ‘inspire’ and ‘motivate’
employees. In addition to the Boss, other favorite Dilbert characters make
appearances in the game including Dogbert, the business consultant and
mastermind behind the dysfunction, along with Dilbert, Wally, Alice, Asok, Ted
and Tina.

“Everyone in the corporate world can relate to
some part of the Dilbert comic strip, making the storyline, characters and
office satire ideal for a mobile game targeting mass-market consumers,” said
Scott Rubin, vice president of sales and marketing, Namco Networks. “Adding
elements to the game that are specific to the mobile platform, such as
downloadable comics made possible by network connectivity, only increase the
longevity of the game and allow players, Dilbert fans and general consumers
alike, to have the best possible mobile gaming experience.”

The game begins in story mode where the player
controls the pointy-haired Boss as he attempts to win the Manager of the Month
award. The player must work his way around the office handing out projects to
employees to meet the daily quota. Once the quota is reached the player can then
advance to the next day (or level). After completing six days, the Boss Zone
becomes available as an unlockable feature. The Boss Zone adds a new height of
difficulty to the game, escalating insufficient management to make projects and
other game play random. In addition to unlockable and redeemable features,
Dilbert Cubicle Chaos includes the bonus level, Whack-a-Wally, allowing the
player to score additional points by hitting Wally as he pops up randomly among
the cubicles.

"The game speaks to something basic in our
natures. It lets you organize and accomplish something while zapping other
people with cattle prods,” said Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. “If you are
honest with yourself, you know those are all good feelings."

In celebration of the nationwide premiere of
Dilbert Cubicle Chaos on wireless phones, Namco will be hosting a sweepstakes
from March 24 through May 23 through AT&T. Fans of Dilbert and other Namco
mobile games can enter for a chance to win one of 25 signed copies of the
“Dilbert’s Guide to the Rest of Your Life” hardcover collection and a collection
of official Dilbert desk toys. AT&T customers can automatically enter by
downloading the Dilbert Cubicle Chaos mobile game. AT&T customers can also
download the game by texting DILBERT to 386 (FUN).

Dilbert Cubicle Chaos is available today on
national carriers. Visit

for more information.

For more information on the Dilbert sweepstakes
through AT&T,

*Available on most handsets