Fast as a Popping Bubble: Its Bubble Blitz!

Fast as a Popping Bubble: It’s
Bubble Blitz!

United Kingdom, Aug 31st, 2005 –
Binary Sun
  announced that their latest bubble popping craze
is complete and available from their website. Bubble Blitz, a challenging game
where you must think ahead and plan your bubble popping to achieve the highest

Speed counts in Bubble Blitz, you
only have so much time to think. Move quickly and pop the right and larger sets
of bubbles for high scores. The more points you score the more often you’ll get
bombs or bubble bonuses to help you on your way. This simple yet challenging
design is fun for all ages.

Though the design is simple the game
is as infinite as your imagination. Only a true master will be able to get to
the top of the 3 high score tables, yet a young child can easily pick it up and
begin to develop strategies of bubble popping.

For more information on Bubble Blitz
or any of their titles visit their website.