Farming Has Never Been This Funky!

Farming Has Never Been This

May 4th, 2005 (Danbury, CT) –
SortasoftAs if watching re-runs of The Simple Life weren’t enough, Sorta Soft 
has proudly announced the release of their farming management game, Funky Farm.
Take the reigns of your own funkythe strangest farm this side of Lubbock and
find out if you have what it takes to lead a second life away from the bright
lights of the city.

In Funky Farm,funky farm you must
manage your animals by shearingsheering them, feeding them, and protecting them
from wolves.monitoring their health. You can fatten them up your pigs and send
them to the butcher or raise sheep and keep them around for the long haul. You
race against the clock trying to meet your ever-increasing monthly payment so
you can to keep your farm. You can fatten up your pigs and send them to the
butcher or raise sheep and keep them around until day’s end., which is
ever-increasing. At the end of each day, round up your animals and head to the
general store to upgrade your tools, fences, or buy an adorable sheepa nice farm
dog. It’s fast paced farming fun with a funky soundtrack to groove to, just
watch out for the hungry wolves in the forest!

Funky Farm features over 30 levels
of farming action and an unlimited time mode to grow your farm at your own pace.
The cute graphics of your fluffy sheep and fat little pigs will give you a
perpetual smile while the custom music will keep your feet as busy as your mouse
in this action puzzle game.

The free demo of Funky Farm is
available from the SortasoftSorta Soft website at
  so you can try your hand at raising
fat and fluffy and fat farm animals yourself!

About Sortasoft

Sortasoft is an independent
developer and publisher of casual games. Based in Danbury, CT, it was founded in
2004 for the purpose of creating unique and original games which focus on
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