Farlan Entertainment Showcases Dark and Light, Biggest MMORPG Ever, At E3 2005

Farlan Entertainment Showcases
Dark and Light™, Biggest MMORPG Ever, At E3 2005

Medieval Fantasy Game Featuring
15,000 Square Mile Landscape is Set For November ’05 Release; E3 Demo Includes
Live Events Featuring Worldwide Beta Testers

KENTIA HALL / BOOTH 6001 – May18, 2005 – Farlan Entertainment and NP Cube, the
respective publisher and developer of MMORPG Dark and Light™, today announced
Dark and Light, the largest persistent gaming world of its kind, is being
showcased at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2005 (E3 2005). Featuring a
proprietary game engine, advanced character management, true-to-life experiences
and much more, Dark and Light, set for a November 2005 release, promises
newcomers to the land of Ganareth an unsurpassed level of immersion, realism and

As part of its exhibit at E3, the
Dark and Light team will showcase live demos of the game featuring real-time
in-game events staged by Alchemic Dream, Dark and Light’s community management
provider. The continuous event sessions will include actual responses from Dark
and Light’s beta test team, a community of thousands of online players located
around the world.

Biggest Virtual Gameworld Ever At
40,000 square kilometers (15,000 square miles) of seamless playing surface, Dark
and Light (DnL) is the biggest gameworld ever created. Massive numbers of
fortresses and cities will populate the thirteen kingdoms of Ganareth, a land
locked in an epic battle for control between the Dark and Light factions. Thanks
to NP Cube’s improved game engine, Mafate 2.0, Dark and Light is engineered to
evolve according to gamers’ real time decisions and strategies . Players in this
3D world will be able to manage their own personal DnL storyline, creating their
own events, initiating their own conquests, and managing their own fortresses.
Another result of Mafate 2.0 will be an incredible increase in realism. Players
will experience an extraordinary freedom of movement; traveling between and
within the various duchies, countries, baronies and fortresses of Ganareth will
be improved by efficient, simple and original means of transportation such as
dragons or dodos. A horizon view up to 50 kilometers will heighten the sense of
reality. Unlike most MMORPGs, Dark and Light allows players to evolve their
characters along two axes of improvement: the Social axis and the Combat axis.
The Social axis allows players to evolve according to the achievement of
specific skills, e.g., artifact-crafting or resource extraction. They will also
be able to assume political designations such as lord, baron, count, duke-or
maybe king. The Combat axis, a measure of combat traits, enables characters to
accomplish military feats such as assaulting a fortress or cutting its supply
lines. "Each aspect of Dark and Light is being evaluated and refined according
to the feedback from our huge beta community," said Frederic Caille, CEO of
Farlan Entertainment. "In the character arena, for example, six enhanced
gameplay styles allow for perpetual character evolution, while environmental
realism is being improved thanks to our exclusive rendering engine that
generates 300,000 polygons at 16 cm (6.3 inch) resolution. Dark and Light
developers have made it their continuing goal to give each player a game
lifespan with the most immersive experiences possible."

Continuous E3 Sessions At E3 2005,
visitors will be able to see the Dark and Light beta in action. Alchemic Dream,
community managers for Dark and Light, will be organizing live events throughout
the show that challenge DnL’s massive beta tester community in real time.
Actions set into play by Alchemic Dream game masters will provoke responses by
beta players, changing the universe in real time. "Dark and Light, thanks to its
server technology, offers one unique world for all players," notes Aurélien
Merville, CEO of Alchemic Dream. "This world has to be a living entity where the
adventures are renewed every day, swarming with political intrigues, where
battles have a reason to be, and where every player’s actions have an impact on
the world. Dark and Light developers tailored special tools to allow our
multilingual game masters and script writers, including famous roleplaying games
creator Gary Gygax, to bring the kind of epic atmosphere and interaction players
are asking for in an MMORPG." Dark and Light is exhibiting during E3 2005 from
its display at Booth 6001 in the front of Kentia Hall in the Los Angeles
Convention Center. For more, visit

About Farlan Entertainment: Farlan,
headquartered on the island of Mauritius, has been involved since 2001 in the
entertainment gaming industry. Founded by a group of successful tech
entrepreneurs, Farlan publishes Dark and Light™, one of the most anticipated
MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) of 2005, and has been
intimately involved in the games development from its inception.

About NP Cube: NP Cube, founded in
2002, specializes in the development of massively multiplayer online games and
related tools and technologies for both the industrial and gaming industries.
Based on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean, NP Cube is dedicated to the
development of innovative and exciting game titles and video game tools. The NP
Cube team has a long and successful track record in the games industry. For more
information, visit http://www.npcube.com 
and www.darkandlight.com

About Alchemic Dream: Alchemic Dream
Inc., leader in services for MMOGs, is a Canadian company specialized in
management, support and localization of MMOGs. Alchemic Dream manages titles
such as Project Entropia, Neocron, A Tale in the Desert and Adellion. For more
information about Alchemic Dream, visit the corporate website at