Far Cry Character Profiles

Far Cry Character Profiles


You are Jack Carver running your own
boat charter business in beautiful Micronesia with a past best left behind you.
Your present assignment is escorting an ambitious journalist named Val
Constantine to the remote tropical island of Cabatu. It seems like a piece of
cake, but you soon learn paradise can be hell. After escorting Val to Cabatu,
you find yourself stranded in paradise and hunted by an unrelenting team of
highly trained mercenaries. Intent on your own survival, you’ll have to outwit
hordes of cunning enemies, make long-range assaults from more than a kilometer
away, and use every vehicle, weapon, and strategy at your disposal to outlast
the island’s evils and escape with your life. Experience a new style of FPS
gameplay featuring massive outdoor environments and unprecedented long-range

The Main Story Characters

Jack Carver, the Hero

Jack is in his 30s and an American
ex-military who is no stranger to the open sea. He gave up a somewhat mysterious
life of danger to drop out of society and run his own charter boat business. He
is very laid back, unflappable and jaded.  He is the sort of guy that knows
how to handle himself.  He’s not out to kick ass indiscriminately, but he
can and will when pushed too far. Dragged into this hellish situation, Jack has
no choice but to attempt to rescue Val and discover the truth about Cabatu.
Reluctantly, he’ll have to put his rusty military skills to use if he wants to
stay alive and get off the island.

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Val Constantine, the Journalist

Val is a strong and ambitious
journalist. Using her persuasive wit, she convinces Jack to transport her to the
island of Cabatu to document its stunning beauty.  But upon uncovering
Krieger’s sinister plot, Val risks her own life to undermine his twisted
ambitions.  Although strong-willed and athletic, she’ll need Jack’s help if she
wants to expose Krieger’s secret and get off the island alive.


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Screen Shot for Far Cry