Far Cry 4’s new video explores how you play in Kyrat, story, multiplayer

Far Cry 4's world isn't linear, it's an open world where you take the tools that they offer (be it animals, buildings, weapons etc.) and go about things your way.

Nothing will be handed to you in the traditional sense, you have to find your own path in Kyrat. The developers at Ubisoft Montreal put together a video that covers the open world that is Kyrat. It touches on the journey that is Shangri-La – how and why you'll be exploring it and it looks at how you and up to ten friends will be exploring the world together.

If you're excited for Far Cry 4, this video will definitely keep you on the hype train.

Far Cry 4 is releasing on November 18th on the PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


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