Far Cry 4’s Himalayas setting confirmed with official announcement

Forget waiting for E3, Ubisoft has officially announced Far Cry 4. Though the next installment in the open-world, first-person shooter series was first revealed during the company's earnings call today, Ubisoft has just confirmed it via press release.

Though the press release pretty much reiterated things we already knew, like platforms and the November 18th release date, it also confirmed that Far Cry 4 will be set in the Himalayas.

"In Far Cry 4, players find themselves in Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king," the brief description reads. "Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles and animals, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape."

“Following the success of Far Cry 3, we wanted to take the franchise to the next level and create a game that will surprise players and exceed fans’ expectations,” said executive producer Dan Hay. “Given the unique setting, we feel Far Cry 4 will stand out as a top first-person shooter and we’re eager to reveal more about the game in the coming months.”

The press release also revealed that customers who pre-order Far Cry 4 will receive a free upgrade to the Limited Edition which includes Hurk’s Redemption, a series of three action-packed single-player missions featuring the popular character Hurk from Far Cry 3’s DLC.  The Limited Edition also includes Hurk’s signature harpoon gun called “The Impaler."

Though Far Cry 4 is actually available for pre-order today, an exclusive first look at the game will be shown during Ubisoft's E3 media briefing.