Far Cry 3 looks to take multiplayer to ‘insane and deadly’ extremes

Ubisoft has released a new Far Cry 3 multiplayer trailer emphasizing team play through innovations like battle cries, team support weapons, and new gameplay modes like Firestorm.  

Unlike many FPS multiplayer modes, Far Cry 3 has an emphasis on team play. By executing team play features such as reviving and capturing nodes you'll be rewarded with some of the best weapons on the item like team-support weapons: barrel bombs and sight gas. The video gives you a more in-depth look at the effectiveness of each of these weapons.

Additionally, the video touches upgrading your character via XP. As you level, you'll earn weapons, attachments, equipment, skills, and battle cries which boost your teams performance. Lastly, you'll also be introduced to the many multiplayer modes in Far Cry 3 along with the penalty for losing them.

Far Cry 3 will be releasing in North America on December 4, 2012