Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon slams onto PSN on April 30

The stand-alone game Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is releasing on PlayStation Network a day early — April 30 as opposed to May 1 on PC and Xbox Live Arcade.

The '80s-styled first-person shooter was first thought to be a joke when Ubisoft announced it on April Fools' Day. But it's real, and it's headed our way soon.

Steam lists the title for $14.99, so we can expect similar pricing on Sony's and Microsoft's downloadable platforms.

More game companies should use April 1, which is usually full of land-mine-type gags for news sites to step on, as a way to spark interest which actual, too-good-to-be-true announcements. So many gamers end the day thinking, "I wish it were real." I'm glad to see Ubisoft taking advantage.

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