Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is confusing, and possibly not real

I won't hide the fact that Far Cry 3 was my personal Game of the Year of 2013. The setting, the action, the characters all meshed so well, that it made for an experience I couldn't put down until I was finished with it.

Much to my surprise, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon surfaced not too long ago and of course my interest was at an all time high. After all, there is nothing I'd love more than to come back to the island with even MORE stuff to do.

Except Blood Dragon is strange. Nothing about it screams "I'm an expansion!" and the art style of the logo looks more to have in common with Double Dragon Neon than Far Cry 3.

The latest retro styled trailer doesn't do much to reveal what the contents of Blood Dragon are, or whether it even is DLC, however near the end of the trailer is a single frame shot that depicts, what looks like, actual gameplay.

Blood Dragon


The trailer is cleverly uploaded in 360p, meaning a higher res picture isn't possible, and given the subtitle "2007 is the future" just throws us off even more. Is time travel somehow involved? Is it in space? Is this a Sci-Fi version of Far Cry 3?! Is Ubisoft just yanking our chain? It is April Fools' after all. I just hope this doesn't end up being something awesome, that then ends up being a joke. Damn you April Fools'!