Fantastic Contraption Launches for iPhone and iPod Touch

January 26, 2009

Fantastic Contraption Launches
for iPhone and iPod Touch

The game that allowed web users to
create over five million amazing puzzles is now going mobile! inXile
entertainment today announced the release of Fantastic Contraption for the
iPhone and iPod Touch. Available now on iTunes with the 21 original levels as
well as the “All Star Pack” of 20 additional levels for the introductory price
of $2.99, Fantastic Contraption is a physics puzzle game that challenges players
to build a machine to solve a puzzle. The brainchild of independent developer
Colin Northway, and named Game of The Week recently by,
Fantastic Contraption (
was first released in July of 2008, and to date over 11 million people from
almost every country in the world have visited the site, creating thousands of
YouTube videos.

Click here to download
a new trailer for Fantastic Contraption.

“inXile entertainment’s user
generated content strategy focuses on products and web destinations that allow
people to tap into their own creative ideas, and with the release of Fantastic
Contraption on iTunes we are allowing this amazing internet game to go mobile,”
said Brian Fargo, chief executive officer of inXile entertainment. “We know that
people love to show-off their creations, much like an online Reality TV Show –
that is joy of user generated content. Once players beat a level in Fantastic
Contraption, they can easily download other people’s solutions or contraptions
to see how they beat the same level. It is in that sharing of contraptions that
player’s imaginations are stimulated and in the end, will provide iPhone and
iPod Touch users with an almost endless supply of mind-blowing puzzles.”

In Fantastic Contraption, players
build a machine from simple parts in order to move objects to a goal. Every
level in Fantastic Contraption challenges players to solve puzzles anyway
possible. Using basic tools consisting of nothing more than wheels and rods,
players can create tanks, conveyor belts, catapults, slingshots, ramps, pulleys
and whatever else the imagination can come up with in order to beat each stage.
The iPhone and iPod Touch version of Fantastic Contraption will allow users to
not only share the contraptions they have made to solve the built in levels, but
they can use the level editor to create new levels and share them with other
iPhone and iPod Touch users.