Fans Want Original Soundtrack on Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

It was revealed this weekend that Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is going to be a remake of the best of the first two games but for the new consoles.  Tony Hawk said, "All the same gameplay people love and the joystick controls, big scoring combos and a lot of the classic stuff we had but some new stuff as well."

So does this mean the original soundtrack will be included?

"Probably not," answered Activision's Dan Amrich. 

"First of all, 'original soundtrack' to which game?" Amrich asked. "THPS HD is not a straight reissue; it's neither THPS1 or THPS2, but a new game based on the levels and gameplay from both of those games."

"Second, music licensing is a one-time deal. The songs from the original games were only licensed for those specific games on those specific platforms at that specific time. Any other versions created later would need new licensing deals. This is also why not all songs from earlier Guitar Hero games are importable into later games: They only signed permission for it to be used in that one game. Any change means it's a different deal."

"From a legal/licensing standpoint, they are back to square one," Amrich continued.

Despite containing the best levels from the first two Tony Hawk games, Amrich explained, "Having the same levels of the original games is not the same thing as having the same soundtrack."

Amrich did offer fans a place where they can voice their opinions though.  Tony Hawk fans can log on to the Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Facebook page and make requests for the soundtrack.

However, did did urge fans to "consider that the THPS series was famous helping break new bands on its soundtracks; the reason a lot of these songs are such a strong part of people's memories – beyond sheer repetition during gameplay! – is that THPS is the game that introduced you to that song or that artist. It's entirely possible that the devs will stick with that tradition and mix up some classic tracks with new music. If that turns out to be the case, all you can hope is that some of those classic tracks are the ones you remember."

There is no timetable for an expected soundtrack announcement.  Amrich said in a worst case scenario, "Create a playlist and play the old songs while you play the new game. And cross your fingers in the meantime."

Tony Hawk, at the VGAs said gamers will enjoy the old school Pro Skater gameplay because of "the replayability".  The levels "School" and "Downhill" have been confirmed to be in the new title.

"People can come back to it and find new challenges to do, not just the ones we set up for them. But we're going back to the old two minute challenges, collect the letters, get the combos, get the scores. I'm out of my mind excited about it."

Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD is expected to be a downloadable game for less than $20.

What songs would you like to hear on the Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD soundtrack?