Fans tasked with ‘Uncovering the Cover’ of NBA 2K13

It seems the thing to do with sports games is have fans somehow participate in the design or reveal of the game's cover. While EA usually has fans partake in some sort of cover athlete vote, it seems 2K has already decided that for us with NBA 2K13 and, instead, only invites us to engage in a puzzle that will ultimately reveal who will grace the cover of NBA 2K13.

The new "Uncover The Cover" Facebook application will reveal some "big clues" about the cover of the next installment of the top-rated NBA video game franchise starting with clues concealed behind puzzle pieces. In order for the pieces to be removed and clues revealed, fans are "encouraged" to tweet about NBA 2K13 using the hashtag "#UncoverNBA2K. The more tweets that are made with that hashtag, the more pieces removed.

Included in the Facebook page is the current state of the image and the effects of their tweets in real-time. Once the cover is revealed, a final poster art file will be available to download as wallpaper.

Why didn't they just do a cover vote like every other sports game? I don't need some sort of puzzle to know it'll probably be Lebron James or Kevin Durant on the cover – that's if they don't rely on legends again. Would you prefer a legend or a current star on NBA 2K13's cover?