Fancy yourself a madman? League of Legends Mad Scientist skins on sale

Whether you're a hatter or scientist, you're probably mad. It looks like three League of Legends champions have escaped from Arcane Asylum, and now their 'Mad' skins are for sale. The Mad Hatter ShacoMad Scientist Singed and Mad Scientist Ziggs skins have all been reduced to 487 RP each for the time being. Normally, these skins are 975 RP. 

In addition to these skins sales, three champions are also having their RP price temporarily reduced. Diana has been reduced to 487 RP, Singed is reduced to 292 RP, and Shaco is down to 395 RP. 

If you're looking to take advantage of these deals, the sale is from February 22 to February 25. See you on the Fields of Justice.

mad hatter shaco

mad scientist singed

mad scientist ziggs

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