Fan-created cover art for BioShock Infinite is the best yet

If you recall, last month Irrational Games allowed players to vote for what the reversible cover art for BioShock Infinite should be. Fans weren’t keen on the original generic art decided so Irrational listened and offered reversible art which was voted on for their AAA game.  As someone who was disappointed with the original art, I felt the company made the right move in offering the alternative box art. I get their marketing reason and support them on this.

Now that this this is all over, said, and done… it figures that wicked awesome fan art would start coming out. Take this example “theLazyLion” on deviantART.  This piece is absolutely stunning.  I can honestly say that if this was one of the six vote-able choices Irrational offered, I would have picked it in a heartbeat.  Some time has passed now since I’ve been staring at it and I can’t find one thing I don’t like about it.  I want a giant mural of this to hang in my living room. 

Check the image below, fall in love with it, go to theLazyLion’s deviantART and or tumblr and spread the love.  Mad props.    

BioShock Infinite