Family puzzle game: Bumps

June 19, 2009

Family puzzle game: Bumps

Utopian Games is pleased to
announce the release of Bumps, a super-polished physics based puzzle game for
ages 3+.

Bump your brain into gear with the
outstanding puzzle game of the year! Explore colourful interactive landscapes
and solve mind-boggling physics-based puzzles in a quest to free the Bumps from
their alien captors. This is casual gaming at its best.

Recent reviews

“A little bit of strategy, a little
bit of experimentation, and a lot of bubbly-eyed cuteness…a great casual
gaming experience.” – "Bumps is intuitive, fast-paced, full of
personality, challenging, and rewarding. These qualities combine into one of the
most enjoyable puzzle games I’ve played in quite some time." – 9/10, Indie Game
Mag "Bumps is a cute little action puzzle game in the manner of Eets and World
of Goo. It combines stylish graphics and appropriate sounds in a perfectly
presented package." -10/10 Caspian Prince


  • Addictive and challenging gameplay

  • Appeals to the growing casual
    games audience

  • Stylish high quality graphics and

  • Catchy music soundtrack

  • Intuitive, easy-to-learn controls

  • Amazing power-ups

  • 99 engaging levels

  • Includes colour blind mode

With addictive, accessible gameplay
and brain-teasing puzzles, Bumps has all the ingredients of a classic casual